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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

New Automated Text Messaging and Reminders from ConstructionSuite

April 27, 2009

ConstructionSuite 2009 Pro/Contractor users and above with TotalCare membership can now benefit from Automated Text Messaging of planning and start reminders directly from ConstructionSuite. Text messages can be set to originate from a specific users account and provide the ability to correspond with subcontractors and suppliers via any mobile phone that accepts text messaging.

Automated Planning and Start Reminders in ConstructionSuite are a powerful tool designed to keep your entire project team up-to-date and on schedule. Now, with the combined reach of both Text Messaging and email service, you can easily keep your subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors informed of the latest scheduled activites and changes in project calendars.

Other new features include the ability to include named ConstructionSuite users in the recipient list of text and email reminders, which allows external recipients of text messages to respond directly to a user's mobile phone.

"As we continue to build next generation tools for the future of construction, Integrated Text Messaging is another step in the client-driven success that ConstructionSuite helps generate for users everywhere." said Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies.

"By empowering our users with the latest technologies, they can harness the efficiencies of teamwork and improve the quality, timeliness and profitablity of their projects," said Stevens.

About TotalCare
TotalCare-Only Product Features include exclusive tools designed to give advanced and enhanced functionality of ConstructionSuite. In addition, TotalCare members have pre-release insight and feedback into coming benefits or services from UDA. Learn More

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