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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

New UDA ConstructionSuite 2010 with Improved Estimating

December 17, 2009

UDA Technologies, the award-winning provider of construction management software, announced today the newest version of the UDA ConstructionSuite™ software. Used by tens of thousands of construction professionals worldwide, UDA construction software is the industry standard in project management software for residential builders, subcontractors and remodelers.

UDA ConstructionSuite 2010 is fully compatible with Windows 7 and focuses on ease of use and speed enhancements as well as full integration with ConstructionOnline. ConstructionOnline™ is an integrated series of web services that connects construction teams online by giving you the ability to easily share estimates, schedules, documents, project photos and more.

"We are excited about ConstructionSuite 2010 because of the enhanced ability to share information and create online project teams through ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline," said Michael Stevens, President. "ConstructionSuite 2010 incorporates new SuiteLink which allows users to seamlessly communicate with their office, clients, suppliers, subcontractors and onsite teams."

Turn Opportunities Into Projects

UDA ConstructionSuite 2010 is designed to help you make crucial business decisions by offering proven project management tools that enable users to take their businesses to the next level and have complete control over every project. You'll have the information you need at your fingertips, making it simple to increase sales, track projects efficiently and maintain your growing business. This will allow you to take advantage of key opportunities, minimize downtime and solve existing project management problems.

ConstructionSuite 2010 offers many updated features, including RSMeansCost Data, which provides you with reliable construction cost information for more than 100,000 items and 14,000 assemblies across North America and Canada.

Also included is a new interactive Getting Started Guide that will take you on a tour of your ConstructionSuite software and allow you to quickly and easily understand the features and options of your new product.

ConstructionSuite 2010 also features seamless integration between ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline™ with SuiteLink™, allowing you to upload and download your projects and ideas to share them with team members.

Listed below are just a few of the new and updated features included with ConstructionSuite 2010.

  • New ConstructionOnline - Share documents, files, and photos online
  • 300% Faster Estimating
  • Windows 7 Compatible
  • Getting Started Guide - Narrator
  • Exchange Server Integration
  • Enhanced Proposal Wizard
  • Automated Backups for Improved Security
  • International Currency
  • Automated Emails
  • Leeds 3.0 Standards for Green Building

Product Availability and Pricing

UDA ConstructionSuite 2010 is available directly from UDA Technologies at www.constructionsuite.com. Offered in twenty versions, UDA ConstructionSuite 2010 is designed to meet the needs of any contractor, from sole proprietor to larger property developer. The current prices are:

  • UDA ConstructionSuite 2010 Residential: $399.99 - $4,999.99
  • UDA ConstructionSuite 2010 Commercial: $599.99 - $6,999.99
  • UDA ConstructionSuite 2010 Green Residential: $599.99 - $5,499.99
  • UDA ConstructionSuite 2010 Green Commercial: $799.99 - $7,499.99
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