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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Releases SuiteTalk - "Bite-Size" Training Videos

June 14, 2011

UDA Technologies has released new training videos, SuiteTalk, allowing users the chance to watch short training sessions on individual ConstructionSuite features. In addition to the training services included with UDA's TotalCare Service & Support package, SuiteTalk will provide UDA's client base with additional training tools in short, concise segments.

Featuring subjects such as Change Order Management, Working with Reminders, and ConstructionOnline & SuiteLink, users can easily access these "bite-size" videos on our website at all times. SuiteTalk videos are short clips, 3-10 minutes in length, providing training to ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline users alike.

Starring UDA Senior Product Specialists, Jacob Bolin and Kent Kiersey, SuiteTalk is meant to give users a quick and entertaining way to get their questions answered. "SuiteTalk videos just build on to our already high-rated support package," said Kiersey, "and we've enjoyed recording these videos because they can help clients get their questions answered very quickly."

Additional SuiteTalk videos will become available in the coming weeks, covering features such as QuickBooks Integration Setup, How to Integrate Estimates & Schedules, and Setting Predecessors in Scheduling, among others. SuiteTalk Videos can be found at http://www.uniteddesign.com/cs_training_videos.html.

SuiteTalk Videos Now Available

  • How to Create Change Orders
  • Using the Items Database
  • Working with Reminders
  • Working with Letterheads
  • ConstructionOnline & SuiteLink
  • Editing Document Templates
  • Using the Spec Wizard
Topics: UDA ConstructionSuite