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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

7-year ConstructionSuite User Receives Big50 Award

March 2, 2012

Michael Sauri, President of TriVistaUSA and enthusiastic ConstructionSuite user since 2005, was recently featured on the prestigious Big50 list by Remodeling Magazine. These influential companies are selected for demonstrating "broad expertise, sound business judgment, and a high degree of professionalism" in the construction industry.

The magazine said of this year's Big50, "In a climate in which survival is considered an achievement, they have somehow managed to thrive." Michael Sauri has certainly done so, as president of a business that might seem small at first glance, but has an exceptionally impressive volume and vast loyal client base. He maintains that large referral base by using sustainable methods, sponsoring community events, and consistently providing excellent customer service. Remodeler magazine uses client satisfaction surveys to ensure that the Big50 winners provide the highest quality customer service.

He said of how his company uses UDA ConstructionSuite to achieve that top standard during the 7 years that he has been using the product, "We have grown a lot, in terms of the work we are doing in the last few years, but we are doing business a lot different than we used to. We're tighter and smaller now and partly because of UDA's software we are much more focused on the management and design portion of the project. It's a very different world than it was in 2008, and because of that, we stay focused on the client experience so we can ensure high quality results."

He has built quite a national reputation for his company based in the D.C. area, earning various Contractor of the Year awards, the Green Home Choice Award, and even being featured on HGTV's Curb Appeal, BobVila.com, and Remodeling TV. But he maintains that UDA ConstructionSuite has streamlined and organized his business throughout his success. Regarding how the different areas of ConstructionSuite keep him on track, avoid critical errors, and attract more business, he said, "The estimating portion keeps me away from the "oops" factor, and the scheduling piece keeps all the ordering and procurement part on schedule so the construction can stay on schedule. If we finish the job on time, that means we're onto the next job on time, so we're making more money."

Michael is currently using the Premier Version of ConstructionSuite 2011, and advocates its ability to standardize how he communicates with his clients, "Every time we hand them something, it's coming out of UDA - from us to the client, and it instills a certain confidence in our customers. There are so many scary contractors out there, and everyone immediately realizes that we're not one of those."

UDA Technologies congratulates Michael Sauri on his achievement and looks forward to providing more ConstructionSuite users with the top products and services to help them pursue success and build better futures for their businesses.

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