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UDA Technologies Announces Product Development Team Expansion

April 17, 2012

As UDA Technologies develops an increasingly wide range of progressive cloud and mobile-based services, the company has expanded its Mobile and Software Development Team to include top new developers for both Apple and Android platforms. 2012 has already proved to be an exciting year for the technology industry, and with this new staff expansion UDA will continue to define the leading edge of technological growth for construction software and online collaboration. 

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Project Logging Reinvented with ConstructionOnline

April 3, 2012

UDA's new Project Logging for ConstructionOnline makes tracking daily project activity better and easier than ever. With the power of OnSite Mobile Apps and ConstructionOnline, new Project Logging combines traditional work logging with pictures and video to create a more organized log that is both easier to use and contains more essential information. Now you can snap pictures and record video of your progress straight from the jobsite, using the OnSite Apps on your mobile device or tablet. 

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