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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Expands Live Webinar Series

March 17, 2010

Based on growing demand, UDA Technologies has expanded the popular Live Webinar Series of daily training resources to include new ConstructionOnline. Designed for both current and prospective clients, the ConstructionSuite Live Webinar series provides a comprehensive overview of the ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline systems through daily sessions presented each week by certified UDA Product specialists.

Topics: UDA ConstructionOnline UDA ConstructionSuite

Get Enhanced Features When You Use ConstructionSuite with ConstructionOnline

March 1, 2010

SuiteLink makes it possible to seamlessly upload and download information between ConstructionSuite 2010 and ConstructionOnline. By making it simple to share estimates, schedules, contracts and more, SuiteLink makes it easy to connect your team by directly connecting your ConstructionSuite data with ConstructionOnline.

Topics: UDA ConstructionOnline UDA ConstructionSuite