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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Ambitious Enhancements Coming to ConstructionOnline

December 18, 2012

Big improvements are coming to ConstructionOnline! UDA is currently in the process of redesigning and fine-tuning ConstructionOnline to better help you manage your hectic schedule. With an emphasis on mobility, UDA developers are trying to make access from any computer, anywhere, as easy and intuitive as possible.

With the new, more user-friendly interface comes increased speed and performance. However, the interface is only the surface of what developers are working on. The addition of Pro Features expands on the existing functionality of ConstructionOnline and elevates it to the next level of organization and project management solutions.

New Pro Features

  • Make your ConstructionOnline site look sleeker and more professional with custom branding. Customize your ConstructionOnline account with your company's own colors and logo! This customization is visible to your clients as well as anyone else you authorize to see your ConstructionOnline account.
  • With ConstructionOnline Calendars, every event for all of your projects is displayed in one location. Filtering by contact, timeframe, or project is simple and allows you to view your activities individually. Users can also set reminders for themselves or any of their contacts to be sent to their email or mobile phone, so there's never another missed appointment or meeting.
  • No need for those tedious paper work logs anymore! Project Logging gives you and your team the ability to track everything from delivery times to the daily weather, all in one place. This helps you efficiently organize your current projects and better plan for your future ones, even if you're not on the jobsite.
  • To Dos allows you to center your attention on one task, or assign multiple tasks to your team. This is not your average checklist, however. With ConstructionOnline To Dos, you can relate assignments to specific projects, files, and contacts. With the ability to track percentage completed, you can easily keep up with your team's progress.
  • The ConstructionOnline Scheduling module brings the power and simplicity of advanced project scheduling tools to an online environment, allowing for access and updating while on the job site. Miscommunication between team members is a serious concern for most businesses. With ConstructionOnline Scheduling, you can easily keep your whole team on the same page.

ConstructionOnline is utilized by thousands of construction professionals everyday. Over the past two years alone it has grown to be the largest and most widely used online project management website. Concerning the recent progress and growth of the site, UDA President Michael Stevens said, "We're very excited about the continued development of ConstructionOnline. We feel confident that the updates we're making are going to be beneficial to our clients and help them better manage their construction projects from the web or mobile device."

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