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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Build Successful Client Relationships with ConstructionOnline Client Portals

This month, UDA Technologies focused on improving builder-client relationships with multiple resources released to support exceptional client engagement through ConstructionOnline. Collaborative communication with clients, company employees, subcontractors, and vendors has remained a cornerstone of ConstructionOnline’s powerful feature set for over a decade, and UDA Technologies continues to deliver expert advice on the best applications to benefits builders & clients on every project.

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Access to ConstructionOnline™ Classic Expiring July 2019

UDA Technologies announced today that access to ConstructionOnline Classic will expire as of July 1, 2019. ConstructionOnline 2019 was released to all ConstructionOnline subscribers early in February 2019, following an exclusive pre-release to select subscribers in 2018. In support of a successful transition for legacy users, UDA Technologies provided access to ConstructionOnline Classic & ConstructionOnline 2019 for several months. The announcement that access would be discontinued was delivered alongside a personal message from UDA Founder & President, Michael Stevens:

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New Reports Introduced in ConstructionOnline

UDA Technologies recently announced the introduction of additional new reports to ConstructionOnline 2019. For years, ConstructionOnline has provided professional, print-ready reports & documents that allow Company Employees to swiftly compile project data as needed, and ConstructionOnline’s newly added report options further expand these capabilities.

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