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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Collaboration and Communication - OnSite Calendars Available on Android

March 1, 2013

The OnSite Family of Mobile Apps has expanded once again! OnSite Calendars is now available for download on all Android devices. This new addition combines the convenience of ConstructionOnline Calendars with the mobility of OnSite mobile applications.

OnSite Calendars gives you the unique opportunity to manage your ConstructionOnline Calendar straight from your Android phone or tablet. Now it's simple and easy to keep your team up-to-date on all of your projects and meetings!

With OnSite Calendars, you have the ability to:

  • Add new projects simply using the "Quick Add" function
  • Make different customizable calendars for various projects
  • Create events and assign them to different calendars
  • View in month, week, or day view and easily filter by any or all of your calendars
  • Edit or delete any event on your ConstructionOnline Calendar
Topics: UDA OnSite Mobile Apps