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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

ConstructionOffice and Tablet PC Clear the Way for Extraordinary Growth

September 8, 2006

Continuing the trend of ConstructionOffice users being featured in industry publications, Ron Paulk of Anacortes, Washington recently made his mark in the Journal of Light Construction, a leading construction industry publication. In the September issue feature article, "Using a Tablet Computer", Ron writes about the success he found by integrating a tablet PC into his company.

Before purchasing the tablet PC, Ron and his wife did use some technology in the office, but all of his field work was completed on a series of yellow legal pads, making it difficult to access and disperse crucial project information. And, since Paulk Homes, LLC doesn't employ any project managers or other full-time employees Ron knew his current system created a perpetual roadblock for growth at his company.

However, after Ron took on a large subdivision a few years ago, he knew that the legal pad system would not suffice. In the article, he wrote that his old system "...meant that we could effectively handle only a couple of jobs at a time. Or so I thought. I learned otherwise when I took on a 51-home subdivision. Since this would mean having as many as six homes under construction at a time, I figured I'd have to hire a project manager or two. But it turned out that those hires weren't necessary, thanks to a powerful new tool I bought - a tablet PC computer that I now carry everywhere."

In March 2005, UDA Business Certification was officially completed for use of ConstructionOffice on a tablet PC. Testing and certification at UDA Technologies ensures that new technologies such as the tablet PC and the more recent virtual private networking capabilities are fully compatible and available to users of ConstructionOffice.

"Technology is rapidly evolving, and we're determined to stay ahead of the curve with new technologies that can help our clients streamline their operations and get the most of their ConstructionOffice systems," said Daniel Hayden, Director of Product Development.

More rugged than laptops and more powerful than pocket PCs, tablet PCs are ideal for construction professionals because they can benefit from a fully-functional computer with unmatched portability.

Ron uses ConstructionOffice alongside home design software systems SoftPlan and SketchUp Pro and typical PC programs such as Microsoft OneNote and Internet Explorer. Since integrating the Tablet PC into his business, Ron has tripled the amount of work he can manage - clearing the way for extraordinary growth.

The full article can be found in the September issue of the Journal of Light Construction or online at www.jlconline.com. For more information about using ConstructionOffice on a tablet PC, read the press release or contact a UDA representative at 1.800.700.8321. Free trials of ConstructionOffice are available online at www.udatechnologies.com.

Topics: UDA Technologies