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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

ConstructionOnline Enhances User Experience with Comprehensive Knowledge Base

UDA Technologies introduced the ConstructionOnline Knowledge Base in the Summer of 2017 to expand support resources available for current and potential clients.  Developed and maintained by UDA’s dedicated in-house staff of product experts, the ConstructionOnline Knowledge base provides an inclusive and accessible library of support guides for each specific ConstructionOnline feature. To date, UDA covers more than 500 topics with articles in the knowledge base. 

UDA Technologies has a remarkable history of providing 5-star customer service and technical support, and thrives on the companywide motto being Our Goal is Your Success. Ryan Martin, ConstructionOnline Product Specialist & Knowledge Base Pioneer, describes how the ConstructionOnline Knowledge Base is simply another example of UDA Technologies’ customer-centric culture, “Through the ConstructionOnline Knowledge Base, our goal continues to be one of providing the best customer service and support, regardless of the time of the day or the day of the week. The Knowledge Base is just another way for us to be there for our users at every step of the way.”

The Knowledge Base can be accessed from within ConstructionOnline through the Help Button present in the lower right corner of the user’s screen. Users are asked “What can we help you with?” and able to take advantage of multiple options: 

  1. Search. The search option allows for the user to enter a topic or phrase which returns search results from within all articles contain in the ConstructionOnline Knowledge Base, providing relevant, immediate guidance.
  2. Message. The option to send a message allows users to submit a question or request for assistance directly to the UDA Success Team, which is met with responsive, personal interaction from a ConstructionOnline Product Specialist.

 The Knowledge Base can also be accessed from ConstructionOnline’s Support Homepage, making the valuable insight of these 500 plus topics available to all interested parties, whether logged into a ConstructionOnline account at the time or not. From this access point, you are able to browse all topic groups and see the most popular articles viewed by visitors. 

UDA Technologies consistently strives to exceed expectations in service, support, and product development.  That’s why ConstructionOnline is the world’s fastest-growing project management platform for construction professionals in over 75 countries worldwide. As an investment in the success of UDA customers and UDA products, the dedicated team behind the screen will continue to add educational resources to support the growth of ConstructionOnline.

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