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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Introducing ConstructionOnline Calendars and To Dos

May 18, 2013

UDA Technologies is excited to announce the releases of ConstructionOnline Calendars and To Dos as part of the growing family of ConstructionOnline Pro Features. Your business is too important to run on sticky notes and flimsy desk calendars. Now between the new centralized Calendar and detailed To Dos, ConstructionOnline has become the best resource to keep track of your busy schedule.

ConstructionOnline Calendars

The ability to plan ahead and complete work as scheduled is vital to success in the industry - and doing that was easier said than done, until now. All of the projects you create on ConstructionOnline will automatically generate a dedicated calendar for you to begin using. Whether you want to see a single project calendar or a complete account-wide record showing everything you have coming up, the Calendar's ability to display and filter information on the fly means you will have complete control and access to that information. Even if events don't fall within the scope of a single project, Custom Calendars offer the ability to capture those outliers and display them alongside your other information

Divide and Conquer

Each event you generate in Calendars and To Dos can be assigned to multiple ConstructionOnline contacts, giving you the ability to administer each individual's calendar and to do list. Even better, you have the power of designating calendar tasks as Public or Private, meaning you have complete control over what each project member can see and edit.

ConstructionOnline To Dos

With one centralized To Do list, as well as the ability to filter or sort by project, you have the means to make sure everything that is due gets completed. ConstructionOnline will automatically move completed activities into a separate list, to help you see what is left to do. Easily check items off as they are completed - the To Do List will show who completed the task and move it to the appropriate location. If you're working on a larger task, tracking progress on a percentage basis can give you a clear view of where that specific set of work is, and what might need to be done to complete it. Task notes allow users to log any important details that pertain to the task, and can be easily viewed in the To-Do Information window.

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