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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Introducing New ConstructionOnline Change Order Management

June 14, 2013

In the fast-paced construction industry, the ability to control change orders is important, and with new ConstructionOnline Change Order Management, you can easily create change orders complete with detailed descriptions, optional images and attachments, added costs, and additional time necessary to proceed, removing potential complications and confrontations.

After creating change orders, you can immediately submit them to clients for approval. They simply need to log on to ConstructionOnline to approve or decline them, eliminating any hassle or miscommunication.

Special views for Contractors, Clients, Sub and Suppliers allow you to communicate better but still maintain control of the change order process.

Contractors can:

  • Create Change Orders, Including Added Costs and Additional Time
  • View Change Order Summary Screen, Outlining all Pending and Rejected Change Orders as well as Total Added Cost and Time Summaries for the Project
  • Edit Project Information Straight from the Change Order Summary Screen

Clients can:

  • Quickly Approve or Decline Change Orders
  • View all Change Order Information, Including Added Cost and Additional Time to the Project
  • Attach Notes and Files to Approvals

Subcontractors and Suppliers can:

  • View Approved or Decline Change Orders
  • View only Change Orders that are Assigned to Them

As a part of ConstructionOnline Pro, New Change Order Management adds powerful change controls to over 100,000 users. President of UDA Technologies, Michael Stevens, said "Our goal with ConstructionOnline is to design and develop the world's best online project management system that benefits millions of users worldwide. New ConstructionOnline Change Order Management is another important step towards that goal."

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