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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Introducing the New ConstructionSuite™ 5

November 19, 2013

After two years of enhancements and feedback from tens of thousands of clients across North America and over 60 countries worldwide, UDA Technologies is excited to announce the much anticipated release of New ConstructionSuite 5, the industry's leading suite of desktop-based applications for advanced construction project management. Available in 20 different specialized versions, including Residential, Commercial, and Green Building, ConstructionSuite 5 continues to define the industry standard in enterprise quality construction management software with seamless integration with award-winning ConstructionOnline and OnSite Mobile Apps.

The Power of Innovation

Combining three award-winning platforms - ConstructionSuite™, ConstructionOnline™, and OnSite™ Mobile Applications - ConstructionSuite 5 is the latest edition to the UDA software family. This dynamic combination provides the power and stability of enterprise desktop software with the flexibility of a web-based program. Redesigned with a focus on streamlining operations and improved performance, ConstructionSuite 5 is the next generation in advanced project management. The future is here.

Major Enhancements Include:

  • New OnCost™ Estimating - The Future of Project Estimating
  • Enhanced OnPlan™ Scheduling - Increased Speed and Printing
  • ConstructionOnline™ - The Fastest Growing Online Construction Software
  • Advanced SuiteLink™ Integration - Seamless Integration
  • OnPoint™ Documents and Reporting - Comprehensive Project Proposals

New OnCost™ Estimating - Rebuilt from the Ground Up

In this brave new world of complete project management, the ability to produce a professional, comprehensive estimate can make all the difference between a profitable project and a painful one. With new OnCost Estimating, UDA started with a clean slate to craft a powerful estimating platform you can rely on. Because it was built from the ground up, users can enjoy an innovative, user-friendly system while still having the power and functionality they expect from UDA. Not only is OnCost the leader in advanced estimating, but also in speed and flexibility of performance. OnCost provides substantial improvement in speed with certain operations over 10 times faster than before, so you can be sure it will provide unsurpassed results for even the most demanding client.

Enhanced OnPlan™ Scheduling

Time is money. And when it comes to your business, having accurate schedules is the key to saving you both. Enhanced OnPlan Scheduling is the industry standard in advanced critical path project scheduling. Combining customizable Gantt chart views with fully integrated resource allocation and reminders, OnPlan provides the fastest and most powerful scheduling system on the market. With new Advanced PDF Generation, you have the flexibility to send and print your schedules on any number of pages and paper sizes, even up to 24x36, making it ideal for larger projects.

ConstructionOnline™ and OnSite™ Mobile Apps

As a construction professional, staying connected with your team is one of the most critical aspects of your business - but it is often one of the most difficult things to do. This is where ConstructionOnline comes in. ConstructionOnline was designed specifically for busy construction professionals needing the freedom to share plans, estimates, schedules, photos, and more from anywhere at any time. With the help of the OnSite Mobile Apps, you can assure everyone from subcontractors to suppliers and even clients can stay informed on the progress of each project. The addition of Pro Features expands on the existing functionality of ConstructionOnline and elevates it to the next level of online project management.

Advanced SuiteLink™ Integration

Seamless is an often overused term when it comes to software integration, but with Advanced SuiteLink, it's true. SuiteLink has been redesigned for larger work teams so now your integration is faster and more powerful than ever. All of your Calendar Activities, Schedule Tasks, and To Dos are immediately synced between ConstructionOnline and ConstructionSuite, saving you valuable time and effort.

OnPoint™ Documents and Reporting

Presenting a professional, accurate proposal to a potential client can make the difference between winning and losing a bid. Now with the improved OnPoint Document system, creating an outstanding proposal is easier than ever before. Using 12 newly redesigned proposal templates, OnPoint can take your estimate and turn it into a fully customizable, high quality proposal in seconds. With the ability to add tables and even your company's letterhead, OnPoint creates a custom proposal that is sure to make a great first impression.

Improving on the Industry Standard

New ConstructionSuite 5 is already becoming the new industry standard in complete project management software. President of UDA Technologies, Michael Stevens said, "ConstructionSuite 5 is the culmination of thousands of hours of development and team collaboration here at UDA, and we are very proud of it. As always, our goal is to help construction professionals build sales, build efficiently, and build their business by using our products to streamline their business efforts. This new release is a big step in reaching that goal."

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