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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

iPad Certification for ConstructionOnline

June 17, 2010

UDA Business Certification was officially completed today for Apple's newly released iPad, allowing ConstructionOnline users to take advantage of the new mobile technology. Testing and certification was managed by the UDA Quality Assurance Group, a team of engineers and testers responsible for maintaining software standards at UDA Technologies.

"With the amazing power and price that Apple has incorporated into the iPad, we believe iPad's will become a staple technology for the construction industry," said Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies. iPad's mobile technology is ideal for industries like construction, where portability and accessibility is key.

UDA Technologies recently announced a new web-based program providing accessibility from any device with an internet connection, ConstructionOnline. ConstructionOnline will not only be accessible through the iPad, but additional mobile applications and services are currently in development. Construction professionals will now be able to access ConstructionSuite documents on ConstructionOnline from the convenience of their iPad. Learn more about OnSite Mobile Apps

ConstructionOnline, a new web-based program designed specifically for construction, lets your subcontractors, coworkers, clients and others share plans, project documents, change orders, estimates, schedules, photos and more. Team members can upload and view existing files, set access permissions, make changes or comments, and contribute their own. ConstructionOnline connects your project team - anywhere, anytime, from any computer with an internet connection.

"ConstructionOnline and the OnSite Mobile applications currently in development are going to work together seamlessly to give construction professionals unparalleled access on the go," said Stevens.

Topics: UDA OnSite Mobile Apps