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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Migration to AWS Provides Better, Faster, Smarter ConstructionOnline Experience

UDA Technologies recently expanded its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by choosing the migrate the hosting of ConstructionOnline to AWS servers. ConstructionOnline, UDA’s industry-leading project management software, has proven to be even faster and more responsive since the migration.

“We’ve added more than 150,000 users to ConstructionOnline in the last year, and in order to best meet the heightened workloads from increased client demand, we knew it was time to upgrade our backend systems. Our partnership with AWS thus far has proven to be an excellent addition to UDA’s performance, with immediate outstanding results experienced on the backend and the user end. We are proud to continue to provide better, smarter, faster construction management applications in support of our clients’ success.” – Michael Stevens, Founder & President, UDA Technologies

UDA evaluated a variety of hosting services in which to entrust the hosting of their online construction management platform, including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Primary factors in the evaluation process included ease of scalability, data safety & recovery, and variety of additional services offered. UDA found that Amazon’s global network of data servicing and reputation of operational excellence offered the ideal solution to best serve the growing client base of ConstructionOnline – and plans for future growth.

With more than half a million construction professionals around the globe relying on ConstructionOnline daily to build better, smarter, and faster, UDA Technologies strives to provide the highest-quality construction management software in the industry – today and for years to come.

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