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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Mobile, Functional, Fast - The New UDA OnSite Logging App for Android

August 23, 2012

As the newest member of the OnSite Mobile App Family, the sleek new OnSite Logging App powered by ConstructionOnline gives construction professionals a faster, easier way to keep track of daily activity at the jobsite. By combining traditional work logging methods with pictures and video, the app allows users to create more organized and complete project logs that are both easier to use and contain more essential information. 

Now users can take pictures and record video of progress straight from the jobsite, using the OnSite Apps on their Android Phone or Tablet. You'll never have to hassle with lengthy paper work logs again - OnSite Logging has five easy-to-use components that come together seamlessly to keep project teams on track:

Weather Tracking

Enter the project zip code to enable Weather Tracking, a fantastic feature that shows you the recorded weather at your jobsite at 5 work times throughout the day. That makes accounting for weather delays much easier and faster, while still allowing you to log further if needed by specifying the severity and duration of the delay.

Work Log

Quickly and easily record essential information about what happened at the jobsite each day using the Work Log. You can record exactly which employees showed up to the site, how long they stayed, and what was accomplished. Snap a photo of your completed foundation, or record an important conversation with a subcontractor. With this efficient tool you can eliminate bulky paper logs and files so you won't have to waste time organizing them or searching through stacks to find them.

Visitor Log

With fields for inputting the reason for the visit and the duration, project managers and team members can get a good idea of what happened that day even if they were not present. An added benefit is that if the visitor is a ConstructionOnline user, you can select them as a contact, so both parties have record of the visit.

Delivery Log

Supplies and materials are always arriving and leaving the jobsite. Avoid costly mistakes and keep track of all your deliveries in an efficient and highly organized manner with this easy tool. You'll always be on top of what came in today, from which company - giving you a quick way to record exactly who your most reliable suppliers are.

Project Notes

Never miss another important detail. With plenty of space to enter project notes for each day and the easy Attachment Tool to supplement your notes with pictures, video, and other files, you can keep all of your daily records together for a complete Project Log.

Topics: UDA OnSite Mobile Apps