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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

New Aviary Photo-Editing Capabilities for ConstructionOnline

May 1, 2012

New advanced photo-editing tools from Aviary have been incorporated into ConstructionOnline, allowing you to enhance and adjust your project photos directly from your albums in ConstructionOnline without installing any additional software.

Aviary is one of the fastest growing photo editing tools on the web, used by millions on top sites like Flickr, Facebook, Imgur, and Google Drive. To get started using Aviary for your project photos, just sign up for your free ConstructionOnline account, upload a picture, and start editing!

The sleek easy-to-use interface is perfect for quickly removing unnecessary parts of a photo, adjusting the brightness and contrast, or even adding effects and enhancements. The look and feel of a photo can make or break the credibility and appeal of a proposal - make sure your photos look picture perfect before showing them to clients or adding them to your portfolio!

Key Features:

  • Markup and Redline - Quickly markup or redline images.
  • Auto Enhance - Save time with easy one-click photo improvement.
  • Lighting Tools - Give your photos a professional edge with brightness, saturation, and contrast control.
  • Adjustments - Crop your image size or adjust the orientation and sharpness.
  • Effects - Get creative with ten eye-catching stylistic effects.
  • Touchup - Correct imperfections with quick fixes like red-eye and whiten.
  • Fun Extras - Add text, stickers, and drawings to complete your customized photo.

With new ConstructionOnline Photo-Editing features, you'll never have to waste time uploading your pictures into a separate photo editor before adding them to your online albums. As a free web service, UDA ConstructionOnline lets you share photos, plans, and other project documents with contacts such as subcontractors, coworkers, and clients. It's the perfect way to share and access essential project files without having to worry about which computer they are stored on.

ConstructionOnline already makes it easy to improve your project team's communication and productivity, now it's also easy to achieve that professional look you've wanted for your photos without the extra hassle.

Sign up for your free 5GB ConstructionOnline Account today to get started!

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