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New Plan Versioning Available in Redline Planroom 2.0

ConstructionOnline Users now have access to new Version Set Management tools in Redline Planroom 2.0. With the addition of this new feature, plan version sets can be easily added and edited to ensure that all project team members are working with the most up-to-date set of project plans.

Redline 2.0 delivers a modern, intelligent plan management experience that streamlines the organization, management, and revision of construction plans. New Plan Versioning creates an easy-to-access “Current Set” view which clearly directs project team members to the most recent version of the project plans. Previous versions are stored under “Version Sets” for secure record-keeping. History logs regarding Version Sets are recorded and made available within Redline Planroom’s Publish Log, as well as the Latest Project Activity and the Company History Log. 

New Plan Versioning for Redline Planroom 2.0 joins other recent enhancements to performance, navigation, and ease-of-use, including:

  • New, Smart Upload Sequence that guides users step-by-step through the initial review process to ensure the accurate numbering, naming, & tagging of every sheet.
  • Up-to-Date Current Set View which presents the most current plan set upfront to make sure all team members are working with the most up-to-date data.
  • Fast, Accurate Callout Auto-Links that intuitively detect & link callouts across entire plan sets, eliminating hours of tedious cross-referencing. 
  • Date-Stamped Publish Logs which provide insights on recent upload and publish activity, including employee names & date/time stamps
  • Overlays for Easy Revision Comparisons that make it easy to compare what’s changed & what’s stayed the same from revision to revision
  • Efficient Filters by Version & Custom Tags which provide easy-to-apply options to help users find the sheets needed quickly

Powered by UDA’s innovative artificial intelligence + machine learning technology, New Plan Versioning is just one more way that Redline Planroom 2.0 stands out from other plan management tools on the market today as the premier solution for modern, intelligent plan organization & management. 

Redline 2.0 is available in an exclusive pre-release to current ConstructionOnline subscribers. To learn more about Redline 2.0, check out UDA’s recent webinar, New Plan Versioning for Redline Planroom 2.0 here.

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