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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

New Reports Introduced in ConstructionOnline

UDA Technologies recently announced the introduction of additional new reports to ConstructionOnline 2019. For years, ConstructionOnline has provided professional, print-ready reports & documents that allow Company Employees to swiftly compile project data as needed, and ConstructionOnline’s newly added report options further expand these capabilities.

Company Employees can find the following reports now available in ConstructionOnline:

  • Contact Summary Report:
    A summary of the selected Contact’s Details & Related Projects
  • Lead Summary Report:
    A summary of the selected Lead’s General Details, Lead Details, Lead Events, & Related Opportunities
  • Schedule Milestone Report:
    An overview of all Schedule Milestones occurring within the chosen date range on the selected Project Schedule
  • Project Summary Report:
    A report compiled of selected Project Details, which can include –
    • Project Image
    • Scope of Work
    • Project Team
    • Estimate Summary
    • Schedule Summary
    • Change Orders – Added Cost & Time Summary
    • Change Orders – Pending & Rejected Summary
    • Change Orders – Paid v. Remaining Summary

New print options have also been added for Project Calendars in ConstructionOnline. Project Calendars provide a single location where ConstructionOnline users can see Calendar Events, Schedule Tasks & Milestones, Logging Delays, To Dos, alongside Due Dates for Punch List Items, Client Selections, Change Orders, and Submittals. Print options now available in ConstructionOnline 2019 include -

  • Calendar Agenda Print:
    Print Agenda View of Project Calendar with options to Filter by Resource or Date Range
  • Calendar Month Print:
    Print preferred Month View of current Project Calendar

Other new reports introduced to ConstructionOnline in 2019 include the Change Order Summary by Type, Change Order Summary by Reason, Project Team Report, and Project Value by Type Report.

ConstructionOnline Reporting empowers Company Employees to effortlessly print, edit, and share detailed project, resource, & company data related to virtually every aspect of construction project management. With more than half a million users worldwide, ConstructionOnline continues to lead the industry as a trusted solution for maintaining accurate, up-to-date project records. To learn more about ConstructionOnline, contact a UDA Product Consultant at 1-800-700-8321.

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