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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Reasons to Get Excited about Newly Released ConstructionSuite 2011

January 24, 2011

UDA Technologies, the award-winning provider of construction management software, today announced the newest version of ConstructionSuite software with major new components and hundreds of new features and enhancements. Used by tens of thousands of construction professionals worldwide, UDA construction software is the industry standard in project management software for residential builders, commercial contractors and specialty subcontractors.

ConstructionSuite 2011 includes major new components including OnPlan Scheduling, OnPoint Documents, and SuiteLink 2.0, along with hundreds of other new features and enhancements. ConstructionSuite 2011 works directly with ConstructionOnline and the newly released family of OnSite Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry, as well as Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, and QuickBooks 2011.

"ConstructionSuite 2011 brings many great things to our clients," said Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies. "Providing our clients with a family of integrated products - ConstructionSuite, ConstructionOnline, and OnSite Mobile Apps - enabling them to run their business from anywhere, anytime. We're proud to be at the forefront in providing this technology to the construction industry."

Power Your Success with ConstructionSuite 2011

The next generation of construction scheduling has arrived with UDA OnPlan Scheduling. Included in Pro versions and higher of ConstructionSuite 2011, OnPlan Scheduling is powerful and fast, with auto-refresh capabilities designed to update your changes and manage your calendar better with custom holidays & workday selections, all while easily handling multiple predecessors and unlimited groups. Other advancements include tracking your projects with unlimited baselines and assigning multiple resource selections. Everything you need to keep your projects and business on track.

ConstructionSuite 2011 provides additional enhancements to the ConstructionSuite interface, including SuiteLink 2.0, which gives you complete control over your ConstructionOnline projects, files, announcements, notifications, and photos from within the ConstructionSuite program. Other enhancements include quicker reporting, new workspaces for multi-user project teams, advanced RFI Tracking, and improved logging. ConstructionSuite 2011 also includes import and export integration with Microsoft Project, Primavera P3 & P6, and SureTrak, the ability to export your schedules, estimates, contracts and more to PDF, and advanced CAD integration.

Listed below are just a few of the new and updated features included with ConstructionSuite 2011.

  • UDA OnPlan Scheduling
  • UDA OnPoint Documents
  • UDA ConstructionOnline
  • 100% Faster Estimating
  • OnSite Mobile Apps
  • SuiteLink 2.0
  • Workspaces
  • Microsoft Project, Primavera, & SureTrak Export & Import
  • PDF Export & Import
  • Advanced RFI Tracking
  • Exchange Server Integration
  • Enhanced QuickBooks Integration
  • Office 2010 Compatible
  • Ribbon Interface
  • Improved Logging
  • Advanced CAD Integration

Product Availability and Pricing

UDA ConstructionSuite 2011 is available directly from UDA Technologies at www.constructionsuite.com. Offered in twenty versions, UDA ConstructionSuite 2011 is designed to meet the needs of any contractor, from sole proprietor to larger property developer. The current prices are:

  • UDA ConstructionSuite 2011 Residential: $399.99 - $4,999.99
  • UDA ConstructionSuite 2011 Commercial: $599.99 - $6,999.99
  • UDA ConstructionSuite 2011 Green Residential: $599.99 - $5,499.99
  • UDA ConstructionSuite 2011 Green Commercial: $799.99 - $7,499.99
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