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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Redline Planroom Beta is LIVE!

September 29, 2016

UDA has always been proud of our cutting edge features and continual commitment to improving our products with the advance of technology, but this may be the most distinguishing enhancement to date. All new Redline is leading the way in the next generation of ConstructionOnline.

Things that Redline brings to the platform:

  • PDF Markup and sharing
  • Ability to add annotations
  • Share with collaborators for editing or viewing only purposes
  • Revision tracking for your plans

With a brand new take and proprietary image rendering technology, ConstructionOnline blows the competition out of the water. Redline can upload plans 500% faster than the next closest competitor. With this kind of speed and an unmatched toolset, what are you waiting for? Sign up for ConstructionOnline and start using Redline today!

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