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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Staff Expansion Enhances TotalCare Membership

November 28, 2011

UDA is excited to announce recent staff expansion in response to the needs of its growing client base. UDA's staff now includes more technical specialists and QuickBooks Pro Advisors for the TotalCare support team, improving customer service and feedback. As a TotalCare member, expert guidance, technical assistance, and personalized training are just a phone call away. And with the recent staff increase, customer support is better and faster than ever.

Along with phone support, TotalCare provides updates, upgrades, training, and exclusive features to help users get the most out of their ConstructionSuite software. TotalCare members receive each upgrade to the latest version of ConstructionSuite for free as well as updates to the RS Means Cost Books, the most trusted cost data provider in North America. TotalCare benefits also include exclusive features like SuiteLink, which allows users to collaborate with their teams by connecting their ConstructionSuite projects directly to UDA's online service - ConstructionOnline.

TotalCare Benefits

  • Free Upgrades and Updates
  • Live, Personalized Training Sessions
  • Priority Phone Support
  • SuiteLink Integration with ConstructionOnline
  • Exclusive Features like Weather Tracking
  • RS Means CostBook Updates

Live personalized training sessions with UDA ConstructionSuite specialists are free for TotalCare members, giving users a detailed walk-through of the software. And priority phone support is available for anything from simple how-to questions to technical assistance.

"UDA is excited to see a thriving client base, especially in these challenging market conditions," says Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies. "This recent growth has not only compelled us to expand our staff; it has encouraged us to enhance our product lines as well."

Learn more about UDA TotalCare

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