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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

The Power of the Network: New ConstructionOffice NT

October 10, 2003

Providing the first affordable, easy-to-use network solution for construction, UDA Technologies released new ConstructionOffice NT 2003 today. The integrated construction management system works on a peer-to-peer network or traditional server-based network.

The new software is the next step in UDA software solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. ConstructionOffice NT includes estimating, scheduling, QuickBooks integration, specifications, and contracts for construction. Built on proven technology, ConstructionOffice NT features tight integration with Microsoft Office and QuickBooks to create a project management system for construction in one integrated package.

Network versions of ConstructionOffice NT store a shared set of files on the ConstructionOffice NT server. A designated work group can collaborate and share data with a universal set of construction project management documents and software. ConstructionOffice users access the files from the server and can choose to store the files in a shared project directory on the server or on their local computer. Modifications made to master ConstructionOffice templates are stored on the server, ensuring that all users have the latest company-approved ConstructionOffice files.

"The goal is better communication between team members," explains Daniel Hayden, Director of Product Development. "By providing a central location to store valuable company data, and the means to use network capabilities effectively, ConstructionOffice NT streamlines communication throughout the office." Hayden also points to ConstructionOffice NT as an affordable solution for networking, compared to the prohibitive expense of traditional, dedicated server-based networks.

ConstructionOffice NT is the only construction project management software designed for network use available for under $299 per user. Available in both Professional and Developer versions, introductory prices for ConstructionOffice NT range from $999.95 to $2499.95 for 5 to 25 users. Immediate download is available at www.udatechnologies.com

Topics: UDA Technologies