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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Announces New ConstructionOnline™ 101 Workshops

September 19, 2014

UDA Technologies is excited to announce the newest addition to the live webinar series! ConstructionOnline™ 101 Workshops were recently launched. It is the company's first webinar series dedicated to providing new and potential users with valuable training for ConstructionOnline™.

Currently, there are three workshops offered to help clients take their ConstructionOnline™ experience to the next level:

  • ConstructionOnline 101 covers the process of getting started, including creating new projects, assigning project teams, and managing permissions. Additionally, users will learn how to set up the valuable tools of ClientLink™ and TeamLink™.
  • ConstructionOnline 201 covers how to get the most out of all the Pro features, including Project Logging, Client Selections, Change Orders, Punch Lists, To Dos, RFIs, GamePlans™, and the most effective ways to use ClientLink™ and TeamLink™.
  • ConstructionOnline 301 covers using the entire suite of OnSite Mobile Apps, including the most popular Planroom, Photo, Punch List, Logging, and Calendar. Users will also learn about the new Custom Mobile App, which is incredibly valuable for TeamLink™ and ClientLink™ contacts to access project information on-the-go.

Global Success

The workshops thus far have been a resounding success. Clients and potential clients from all over the world have attended - including from South Africa, Great Britain, Albania, Iceland, Australia, and Canada - with great results. UDA Technologies is looking forward to expanding the series and further continuing to assist people all over the world in learning the benefits of ConstructionOnline™.

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