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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Announces New Custom Company Mobile Apps

September 29, 2014

The family of features from ConstructionOnline™ has expanded again! UDA is proud to announce the addition of the new Custom Company Mobile Apps.

Built for Your Business

New Custom Company Mobile Apps from ConstructionOnline™ provide a personalized and easy-to-use app for iPhone, iPad, and Androids devices designed with your company branding, logo and selected features. Now your contacts have a whole new way to access project information on the go. The app will give your clients access to the same ClientLink™ features they are already accustomed to, including Latest Page, Messaging, Recent Files, Recent Photos, Calendar, Change Orders, Client Selections, and RFIs. The app gives your team access to these same features from their TeamLink™ page, in addition to their own exclusive features of GamePlan™, Project Logging, and Punch Lists. Clients and subs alike will find it even easier now to track the progress of a project, just by using their tablet or smart phone.

Management Revolutionized

ConstructionOnline™ has been giving business owners a new, more concise way to manage their projects and contacts since its inception. With the Custom Mobile App, business owners once again find they have more options for communicating with both their team and their clients. More communication means more options to keep the project moving along. Projects are more likely to stay on schedule and on budget. Project and contact management has once again been revolutionized with ConstructionOnline™.

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