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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Announces Public Release of ConstructionOnline

July 1, 2010

After months of BETA testing, UDA Technologies announced the public release of ConstructionOnline, an integrated series of web services to connect construction teams. Designed for construction professionals that need the freedom to share estimates, schedules, project photos, and more, ConstructionOnline connects your entire team, anywhere, anytime.

ConstructionOnline connects your project teams from any computer with an internet connection. Designed specifically for construction, ConstructionOnline lets your clients, coworkers, subcontractors, and others share project documents, change orders, estimates, schedules, photos and more. Team members can view existing files, make changes or comments, and contribute their own. Now teamwork and communication have a new name - ConstructionOnline. Learn more

ConstructionOnline is an integrated series of web services that connects construction teams online by giving you the ability to easily share estimates, schedules, documents, project photos and more. ConstructionOnline connects your entire team, anywhere, anytime from any computer with an internet connection and makes it possible for any member to upload information or add comments to projects.

"ConstructionOnline is a major step in offering construction professionals the ability to communicate with their project teams and clients. By providing online tools for collaboration and teamwork, including our new series of OnSite applications designed for the iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry, ConstructionOnline allows you to connect your entire project team, increase communication, and reduce errors and delays." said Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies.

ConstructionOnline Features and Services

  • Easily Share Documents, Estimates, and Schedules Online
  • Create Project Workspaces
  • Upload, Share, and Comment on Project Photos
  • Connect and Communicate with Team Members
  • Easily Set Permissions to Control Who Sees What
  • Receive Notifications when Files are Accessed
  • Send Text Messages Directly from ConstructionOnline
  • Designed for Construction
  • Works with ConstructionSuite
  • Optional SuiteLink Integration is Included Free with UDA TotalCare Membership

For ConstructionSuite users with TotalCare membership, ConstructionOnline will upload and download project files directly into the entire award-winning family of more than 20 ConstructionSuite products, including ConstructionSuite 2010 Residential, Commercial, Green, and ConstructionNet CRM versions, giving you seamless integration between your office and onsite teams.

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