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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA ConstructionSuite Honored with Top Product Award for 2009

January 29, 2009

For the second year in a row, Constructech Magazine has honored UDA ConstructionSuite with the prestigious Top Product of 2009 award in the residential construction software industry. UDA ConstructionSuite was chosen as a winner in the New Products category out of nearly 100 applicants.

"Being named one of the Constructech Top Products is a testament of the dedication and innovative approach held by the technology providers serving the construction space. These companies work to provide builders with the solutions they need in order to be efficient and competitive in today's economy," said Mike Carrozzo, editor of Constructech magazine.

Judges used many factors when selecting which products would receive the award, including the product's overall value, and the customer growth rate for that product over the past few years.

"ConstructionSuite 2009 is the product of feedback from tens of thousands of UDA clients, so to be recognized for our hard work and dedication is a great honor. Our ConstructionSuite team at UDA has spent thousands of hours with clients getting direct feedback on their needs for construction management software. We will continue our efforts to develop innovative solutions to help our clients improve efficiency, lower their cost of construction, and enjoy what they do." said Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies.

Designed for contractors and builders in the residential construction industry, UDA ConstructionSuite is available in five different versions (Standard, Pro, Premier, Corporate, and Network). The application combines UDA Estimating, UDA Scheduling, UDA QuickBooks Integration, UDA Contracts, UDA Specifications, and ConstructionNet CRM.

To try UDA ConstructionSuite for a 30-day free trial, click here. For more information about UDA ConstructionSuite, visit www.constructionsuite.com or call 1.800.700.8321 to speak directly with a UDA Sales Representative.

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