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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Expands ConstructionOnline Development Team

July 11, 2011

UDA Technologies recently expanded staff to include new software developers for the increasingly popular ConstructionOnline site. With this expansion comes a dedication to immediate and constant updates and improvements.

Tens of thousands of professionals have joined ConstructionOnline in the last year, with users ranging from General Contractors to Developers, Builders to Remodelers, and Suppliers to Subcontractors. With this growth, ConstructionOnline has become the industry's leading collaboration tool, due largely in part to the family of OnSite Mobile Apps released in recent months.

With this success comes the need for additions to our development team to meet the growing demands of the user base. "We're excited to experience the growth we have with ConstructionOnline," said Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies, "Because of that growing demand, we're happy to expand our team to continue to make an impact on technology in the construction industry."

ConstructionOnline is an integrated series of web services that connects construction teams online by giving you the ability to easily share estimates, schedules, documents, project photos and more. ConstructionOnline connects your entire team, anywhere, anytime from any computer with an internet connection and makes it possible for team members to upload information or add comments to projects.

Learn more about ConstructionOnline.

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