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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Provides Inside Look into Client Success

July 21, 2010

UDA's Success Stories were recently updated to reflect additional case studies that have been completed in recent weeks. Highlighting various construction professionals who are succeeding within the industry by implementing one or more of UDA's products or services, the case studies will give current and prospective clients a great insight into how they can use our software and services to help their business.

Successful clients featured are using various versions of the ConstructionSuite software and the newly released web service, ConstructionOnline.

Learn MoreChris Beasley, owner of Aspen Basement Company, in an avid user of both ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline, using it to connect his employees, subcontractors, clients, and even prospective clients. ConstructionOnline helps Chris stay connected with his entire team, keeping the communication lines open and clear throughout the duration of each project. Learn more

Learn MoreGreg Hardwick, President of Hardwick General Contracting, is enthusiastic and dedicated to improving the construction industry through the implementation of Green Construction. He uses the ConstructionSuite Green Premier software to help him build LEED and NAHB Certified homes across the central Florida area. Greg has also taken the initiative to educate fellow builders, as he will be a featured speaker and presenter at the upcoming Southeastern Building Conference. Learn more

Learn MoreBryton Homes is a newly created business in the Maryland area that has succeeded immensely in their first year of business, with a contributing factor being their use of ConstructionSuite for Estimating, Scheduling, QuickBooks Integration, and Insurance Tracking. Bryton Homes creates beautiful production homes within their three office area, completing approximately 50 projects per year. Learn more

"These updated case studies provide UDA Technologies with insight into how our current users are benefiting from our software, as well as ideas as to how it could be improved upon," said Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies, "We've also found it's a great tool for current and prospective users to see how others are succeeding with the software, giving them ideas to improve their business as well."

To view all recent case studies, click here.

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