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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Sets Sales Record in March 2010

April 8, 2010

UDA Technologies set ConstructionSuite sales and revenue records for the month of March 2010. Dating back to September of 2008, March 2010 was the strongest single month of revenue UDA has experienced. Revenue growth was particularly strong across the residential and commercial product lines as clients re-entered the market with renewed interest in renovation, rehab, and green construction projects.

"We are starting to see the signs of the construction market turning toward the better. We attribute this success to our continued commitment to expanding our product line to better meet the needs of our clients while also offering additional services that make a difference in todays market. With the constant improvements our clients are demanding in ConstructionSuite backoffice systems coupled with new ConstructionOnline client portal services, we are building the future backbone of successful construction firms around the world," said Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies.

With a growing client base in over 67 countries, UDA Technologies is expanding to meet the changing needs of growing construction firm worldwide. ConstructionSuite, along with new ConstructionOnline continue to attract the demanding requirements of construction professionals finding their place in the evolving market of construction and real estate services.

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