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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Technologies Experiences Impressive International Success

UDA Technologies continues to increase international presence with impressive results worldwide, including UDA’s newest international market, China. ConstructionOnline China was introduced to the ConstructionOnline family of products in June of 2017 and has been welcomed heartily by Chinese construction companies looking to improve project management procedures with access to the latest technology in industry-leading ConstructionOnline and ConstructionOnline Mobile. 

UDA has seen continued success in international locations like Australia and Canada, who have expressed long-standing preferences for ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline. UDA reports that a growing percentage of new accounts in October 2017 were from the Australian market base, where they have seen consistent growth since initially introducing ConstructionOnline Australia in 2014. 

Michael Stevens, President & Founder of UDA Technologies, believes a forward-thinking team with a customer-centric approach is key.

“We attribute this continued success to our commitment to improving our product line to better meet the needs of construction professionals. ConstructionOnline continues to expand with an eye on the global demand for advanced project management solutions from international contractors. Coupled with the release of ConstructionOnline Mobile, UDA eliminates barriers and empowers residential and commercial construction firms to achieve unlimited success.” 

With a current presence in 76 countries, UDA Technologies expects to continue expanding internationally to meet the needs of leading construction firms worldwide, persisting to revolutionize the construction industry by bringing millions of users together. 

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