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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Technologies Named as Premier QuickBooks Developer

July 1, 2003

UDA Technologies announced today new status as a Premier Member of the Intuit Developer Network. UDA ConstructionOffice software integrates with Intuit QuickBooks, the most popular accounting software for small businesses with over 3 million installed users and 300,000 construction industry users. ConstructionOffice software, a project management system, includes estimating, scheduling, contracts, specifications, and document management for construction.

"We are thrilled that UDA Technologies is participating in the Intuit Developer Network and is enabling data sharing between UDA ConstructionOffice and the QuickBooks products," said Mark Bercow, vice president of the Intuit Developer Network. "Our relationship with UDA Technologies will help us better meet the specific industry needs of our small business customers."

As a member of the Intuit Developer Network, UDA Technologies gains access to protected QuickBooks technology in order to create applications that integrate seamlessly with the accounting software. Intuit and UDA Technologies share the common goal of creating a software environment that saves time and lowers costs for small business users. ConstructionOffice with QuickBooks integration eliminates the error-prone process of double-entering data in estimating and accounting software.

New UDA QuickBooks integration is available with all QT, XT, and NT versions of ConstructionOffice. ConstructionOffice 2003 users can now import a chart of accounts to QuickBooks that correspond to Estimating categories and subcategories. The toolset also includes memorized reports, budgets, and an accounting system template for a new company.

Looking to the next year, UDA Technologies is currently developing advanced QuickBooks integration for release in 2004. Planned improvements include the export of a dynamic chart of accounts directly from UDA Estimating, items export, account classification options, and the ability to create invoices and purchase orders directly from UDA Estimating.

ConstructionOffice with QuickBooks integration is available for as little as $399.95 at www.udatechnologies.com

Topics: UDA Technologies