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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Technologies Previews New Features Coming to ConstructionOnline

UDA Technologies is sharing a preview of new features and enhancements coming to ConstructionOnline, the world's most powerful cloud-based construction project management software. Updates include a brand new feature, Newsfeed, giving streamlined information and activities at a glance, a powerful document / PDF editor, and a new way to get construction leads.

Newsfeed Beta

COL_newsfeed_beta.jpgConstructionOnline’s Newsfeed page offers a streamlined way to keep track of critical information. The Newsfeed page pulls together recent activity, upcoming due dates, schedules and calendar events, and more. Customize the layout of your Newsfeed to prioritize the information you want to see first. Look over the Newsfeed page and get the data you need to make confident business decisions and take action.

Text Editor

COL_text_editor.jpgConstructionOnline will feature a full set of editing tools and capabilities. The new ConstructionOnline Text Editor can modify all document types – including PDF files. Access and fully edit your documents from anywhere in the world.

Lead Capture Form


UDA has expanded ConstructionOnline's Lead Tracking feature with new lead capture tools. The new lead capture tool takes the form of a special contact form. Whether on your public profile page or your own business website, potential leads can enter their contact information and send in an inquiry to your business through the web capture form. ConstructionOnline takes their contact information and automatically generates a new lead, filling in their information and storing their inquiry message. The lead capture tool can be embedded on websites using provided code.

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