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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

UDA Technologies Releases Expanded Reporting in ConstructionOnline

This week, UDA Technologies announced the release of additional documents and reports available in ConstructionOnline. These new options join the already-impressive set of reports, contracts, and documents previously offered, continuing to enhance the business intelligence capabilities and communication benefits available to over 400,000 ConstructionOnline Pro Users worldwide. New releases include Estimate v. Actual Report, Purchase Order, Estimate Notes Report, Request for Quote, and Lead Tracking Report.

With the release of major enhancements to ConstructionOnline’s Estimating module in early 2017, UDA Technologies included extensive document options such as the Estimate Proposal, Contract Summary, multiple Change Order Contracts, and comprehensive Selections Reports. ConstructionOnline Estimating has continued to meet a highly favorable response across the industry, increasing the demand for expanded options within Estimating, and UDA has responded with notable new files: 

  • The Estimate v. Actual Report allows for comparative analysis of estimated costs, adjustments, and actuals to see variance at the category and subcategory level across the project estimate.
  • Purchase Order documents are now able to be generated from multiple items in the Estimate and include due date for vendor. 
  • The Estimate Notes Report provides options to compile General Notes, TeamLink Notes, and ClientLink Notes per category, subcategory, or across the entire Estimate.
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) documents can be created from one or more categories within the Estimate and includes various display and classification options.

The Lead Tracking Report was also released this week, allowing for the extraction of valuable lead data from ConstructionOnline. In addition to the detailed pipeline and comprehensive event management tools already offered, the Lead Tracking Report supports business growth and development with advanced filtering options for better visibility in the Lead Pipeline. 

All documents and reports can be edited with ConstructionOnline’s built-in Document Editor, allowing further customization. With ClientLink and TeamLink portals, documents can be shared directly to key contacts, easing communication challenges commonly faced by construction professionals. The introduction of RFQs and POs particularly improves the bid management process for contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. 

UDA Technologies continues to innovate the most comprehensive project management solutions in the industry with unprecedented momentum. Nearly half a million users in 76 countries around the globe manage $60 billion in projects with UDA software to build better, smarter, and faster.

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