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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

You've Got Mail: New Inbound Emails for ConstructionOnline™ Projects

UDA Technologies announced the release of the New Inbound Emails tools for ConstructionOnline™. With new Inbound Project Emails in ConstructionOnline™, construction companies around the world will find it easier than ever to receive and manage project-related correspondence. Upon creation, each ConstructionOnline™ Project now receive a unique Inbound Email Address where users can directly send emails for full documentation and accountability.

Inbound Project Emails in ConstructionOnline enable users to –

  • Receive external emails in a Dedicated Project Inbox
  • Store, Share, & Resend project-related correspondence
  • Access & Manage included Email Attachments
  • Control Inbound Access on a project-by-project basis

Inbound Emails for ConstructionOnline™ were designed to allow Project Teams a convenient location to access & maintain project communication in support of collaborative project management.

“We know how critical it is for team members to be on the same page --
by providing a Dedicated Project Inbox for Inbound Emails in ConstructionOnline™, we’re making sure that all critical project communication is directly accessible in a single location.”

- Jordan Davis, Senior Product Specialist at UDA Technologies

With more than 650,000 users worldwide, UDA Technologies remains dedicated to opening channels of communication to streamline the complexity of construction management, and ConstructionOnline’s new Inbound Project Emails further prove this commitment. To learn more about new Inbound Project Emails in ConstructionOnline, check out UDA’s recently recorded New Feature Spotlight here.



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