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AWS Cloud Hosting Services Expand UDA’s Global Reach


UDA Technologies recently introduced ConstructionSuite Cloud, the result of a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since the launch of new cloud hosting options, UDA has deployed servers successfully to clients all across America, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

Over the years, UDA Technologies has maintained a focus on providing tools that are “accessible and affordable to all,” and the expansion into cloud hosting via AWS supports this endeavor. Partnering with AWS gives UDA access to Amazon’s unparalleled network of global servers, which includes server availability zones optimized for nearly every region in the world. By offering premium cloud hosting services, like server set up, back up maintenance, and update management, UDA exceeds the industry standard for service and cost.

“ConstructionSuite Cloud is the realization of a long-term goal,” Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies, remarked. “We’re proud to be able to offer the best, fastest, and most affordable cloud hosting solution available today. UDA products and services help grow the most successful and renowned companies in the world, and ConstructionSuite Cloud paves the way for millions more construction professionals to harness the project management power of ConstructionSuite.”

UDA Technologies continues to be one of the fastest growing providers of construction management software, managing over $60 billion dollars of construction in more than 75 countries worldwide. With award-winning products which improve the business of doing construction, UDA Technologies empowers more than 500,000 commercial and residential contractors daily to build better, smarter, and faster

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