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ConstructionOnline™ Improves Construction Project Communication with New & Improved Reminders

ConstructionOnline Expands Automated Reminder Settings in the Construction Management Platform to Include Custom Email Templates and Additional Automation Settings for Flexible Control

AUBURN, ALABAMA – ConstructionOnline recently announced the implementation of new, enhanced Reminders across several features in the construction management software, including Requests for Information (RFIs), Permit Tracking, and Insurance & Certificate Tracking. The new & improved Reminder Settings introduce two new core functions: the ability to manage custom email templates and the ability to set up automated reminders. 

Email Templates

ConstructionOnline sets new users of the construction management software up for success by providing default email templates, ready-made in the platform:

  • Default Email Templates for RFIs
    • RFI Due Date Upcoming
    • RFI Overdue
    • RFI Due Today
  • Default Email Templates for Permit Tracking
    • Expired Permit
    • Expiration Upcoming
  • Default Email Templates for Insurance & Certificate Tracking
    • Expired Certificate
    • Expiration Upcoming

The real power of the new & improved Email Templates lies beyond the defaults available, in the customization features. Construction companies can now create and manage any number of unique Email Templates for RFIs, Permits, and/or Insurance & Certificates. Customization options include Email Subject, Message Copy, Text Style and Format, Hyperlinks, and Custom Autodoc™ Fields. Custom Autodoc Fields automatically populate Email Templates with information sourced from the selected property.

Custom Autodoc Fields currently available for ConstructionOnline Email Templates include - 

  • RFIs
    • Contact Name
    • Project Name
    • RFI Number
    • RFI Subject
    • Due Date
  • Permits
    • Contact Name
    • Permit Project
    • Permit Name
    • Expiration Date
  • Insurance & Certificates
    • Contact Name
    • Certificate Name
    • Expiration Date

Automated Reminders

Along with the new & improved custom Email Templates, ConstructionOnline introduces new Automated Email Settings. These updated settings allow users to configure which Email Templates are automatically sent in specific instances for RFIs, Permits, and Insurance & Certificates. Companies can set up a variety of different Automated Email Reminders, and they can be easily managed with the simple On/Off toggle available for each reminder’s “Status.” 

Custom configuration options for Automated Email Reminders include - 

  • Email Template
  • Send Type
  • Frequency
  • Duration

To establish consistency and a familiar user experience, future projections included in the product roadmap for ConstructionOnline suggest that the new & improved Reminder Settings will be implemented across the platform where appropriate. Client Selections and Submittals are projected to be the next features to receive expanded Reminders. Follow ConstructionOnline’s Weekly Publish Reports to stay up-to-date on the latest updates to the construction management software platform.

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