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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Dedicated ConstructionSuite User Featured in Constructech Magazine

September 27, 2010

Michael August, Owner and President of Hammer Head Construction & Development Co. (HHCDC), was recently featured in the September issue of Constructech Magazine. Commended on his ability to increase margins, add services, and expand his company's reach, HHCDC's growth was highlighted because of Augusts' use of information technology, particularly his use of ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline.

An excerpt from the article:

While August credits a number of factors that led to where his business is today, he points to information technology as playing an integral role. Specifically, the technology was key in helping the company do more with fewer people, while giving this smaller commercial contractor a more professional image for owners.

"When I started Hammer Head I was looking for software that could not only help me in estimating, but also in project management. I have used other software before in other companies, but I couldn't find one that brought everything together," says August. "Being a small company, not having a lot of staff, and in the beginning trying to divide the work between my partner and myself, we needed something that could handle the bulk of the work."

On its first hotel project, Hammer Head Construction & Development selected software from UDA Technologies, www.udatechnologies.com, Auburn, Ala., for estimating, producing proposals for the owners, and doing subcontractor agreements, among other construction functions.

Since that time, this software has been a staple on every project done at Hammer Head. August says, "I am able to be project manager for several projects at one time while using the software. Now having ConstructionOnline - the UDA Web program online - that helps especially in the area of soliciting subcontractors and getting plans out and keeping owners updated on project progress."

"Having clients featured in an industry leading magazine like Constructech Magazine makes us incredibly proud," said Michael Stevens, President of UDA Technologies, "Seeing that our software has positively affected their business confirms that our product helps clients succeed, which is UDA's goal."

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