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Enhanced Power in ConstructionOnline Logging and Calendars

March 28, 2014

With recent improvements to ConstructionOnline Project Logging, including custom recording options for delays and the ability to track detailed wind conditions, ConstructionOnline makes tracking daily activity and project progress better and easier than ever.

Combining the power of OnSite Mobile Apps and ConstructionOnline, new Project Logging merges traditional work logging with a new, easier way to record your project activity: pictures and video.

 Instead of writing endless paragraphs describing how you reinforced the foundation or laid roof tiles, you can actually look back on it - just snap a picture with the OnSite Photo App on your mobile phone or tablet. Instead of trying to later remember and write down all of the corrections and questions from a field inspection, record them right away with OnSite Video. You can even dictate to Siri on your iPhone and log your progress straight from the jobsite.

Key Features of OnSite Logging:

  • New Automated Weather Tracking
  • Comprehensive Mobile Work Log
  • Accurate Detailed Visitor/Delivery Logs
  • Convenient Paperless Project Notes
  • Instant Professional Reports

Weather Tracking

After selecting the project for which you want to enable project logging, you are prompted to enter the project zip code. This enables Weather Tracking, a powerful feature that shows you the recorded weather at your jobsite at 5 different work times throughout the day. That makes it much easier to account for weather delays, which you can log further by specifying the severity and duration of the delay. Because Weather Tracking utilizes weather stations in over 1,600 cities and locations, users in Canada can also take full advantage of detailed, daily weather reports.

Instant Reports

Once you've updated your project log, you can create an automated and professional report that summarizes all activity for any defined period. Just enter the start and end dates to create a comprehensive, printable report documenting everything you've logged within that time frame.

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