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ConstructionOnline Press Releases

Introducing Enhanced OnPlan™ Scheduling

November 19, 2013

Time is money. And when it comes to construction projects, having accurate schedules is the key to saving you both. Enhanced OnPlan™ Scheduling with powerful new printing options, advanced PDF generation, and direct integration with ConstructionOnline Pro, MS Project, Primavera P3/P6, and SureTrak, is the new standard in advanced critical path project scheduling.

Combining customizable Gantt chart views with fully integrated resource allocation and reminders, OnPlan provides the fastest and most powerful scheduling system designed specifically for construction professionals. With new Advanced PDF Generation, you have the flexibility to send and print your schedules on any number of pages and paper sizes, even up to 24x36, making it ideal for larger projects.

Powerful Printing Options

OnPlan Scheduling now produces high-quality, customizable printed schedules that can be altered to fit any size you need. To get started, simply create your schedule, go to the Page Layout, and select your print options. New advanced print options allow you to scale your schedule to fit any number of pages or magnification.

Major Enhancements Include:

  • Enhanced Printing Options - Automatic Zoom, Scale to Fit, and Large Format Printing
  • Advanced PDF Generation - Comprehensive Size and Rendering Options
  • Powerful Constraints for Start and End Dates
  • ASAP Properties for Accelerating Schedules
  • Enhanced Imports and Exports to MS Project, Primavera P3/P6, and SureTrak
  • Direct Creation of Schedules in ConstructionOnline Scheduling

Fully customizable schedule printing is just one of the many user-requested features ConstructionSuite 5 brings to OnPlan Scheduling. You now have the ability to add constraints to ensure that your project starts and ends when you want it to and an added ASAP property makes sure that important tasks are scheduled to be completed at the earliest possible date. You can also send a fully editable schedule to ConstructionOnline to harness the power of online schedules, calendars, GamePlans and more.

The Power of Innovation

Combining three award-winning platforms - ConstructionSuite™, ConstructionOnline™, and OnSite™ Mobile Applications - ConstructionSuite 5 is the latest edition to the UDA software family. This dynamic combination provides the power and stability of enterprise desktop software with the flexibility of a web-based program. Redesigned with a focus on streamlining operations and improved performance, ConstructionSuite 5 is the next generation in advanced project management. The future is here.

Improving on the Industry Standard

New ConstructionSuite 5 is already becoming the new industry standard in complete project management software. President of UDA Technologies, Michael Stevens said, "OnPlan Scheduling is now a world-class scheduling system. We have worked hard to provide users with easy-to-use features while also focusing on increased speed and performance."

Topics: UDA ConstructionSuite