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Introducing New TrueVision ResourceTrak™ for ConstructionOnline™

Introducing New ResourceTrak™ for ConstructionOnline™ 2022

This week, UDA Technologies announced the release of new ResourceTrak™ for ConstructionOnline's TrueVision™ Scheduling. A primary component of TrueVision™ Business Intelligence, ConstructionOnline's innovative business intelligence toolkit, ResourceTrak™ is designed to help construction teams achieve peak performance, productivity, and profitability. 

ResourceTrak™ leverages existing Project Schedule data to deliver actionable insights regarding every team member's current workload, completion rates, task conflicts, and availabilityautomatically compiled into dynamic dashboard views for easy reference and management. To account for different roles and responsibilities, ResourceTrak™ offers custom "threshold" settings per company or resource. Now, every construction company is in total control of the number of projects or tasks that can be assigned to an individual resource before an alert is triggered. With enhanced visibility about where, when, and how individual resources are being allocated, construction teams can proactively respond and adapt to all situations to make better business decisions that optimize efficiency, avoid conflicts, and minimize roadblocks. Impressive possibilities of ResourceTrak™ include:

Forecast Project Resource Availability, Workload, and Conflicts

TrueVision ResourceTrak™ provides industry professionals with a comprehensive overview of every member of the project team's workload, completion rates, conflicts and availability—automatically pulled from existing Project Schedule data. With the added capability to track resources across all projects company-wide or within specific schedules, forecasting the future becomes a breeze. 

Track Resources with Custom Conflict & Availability Thresholds

Now with ResourceTrak™, company or individual resource thresholds can be set to identify conflicts and availability. Each resource can be assigned a maximum number of tasks or projects per day that will trigger alerts if they surpass their individual thresholds, avoiding future conflicts and minimizing potential roadblocks.

Gain Flexibility and Freedom to Track Resources

ResourceTrak™ provides flexible options for viewing Project Schedules, giving pros the freedom to view project team availability and workload company-wide or within specific schedules. Choosing to view a specific schedule allows pros to narrow their focus for a more targeted understanding of potential conflicts or delays. ResourceTrak™ works with ConstructionOnline's powerful project management tools to ensure that projects are completed in the most timely and profitable manner. 

TrueVision™ Business Intelligence and new ResourceTrak™ features are exclusively available for ConstructionOnline™ 2022 subscriptions at Business & Enterprise levels. To learn more about harnessing the power of business intelligence software expertly engineered for construction teams, contact UDA Technologies at 1-800-700-8321. 

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