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Introducing Safety Logs for ConstructionOnline Daily Logging

UDA Technologies has introduced new Safety Logs to ConstructionOnline’s industry-leading Daily Logging toolkit. Safety Logs provide an easy, convenient method for documenting & tracking Jobsite Accidents, Safety Violations, Safety Warnings, Safety Meetings, and Compliance Training. 

As industry experts for more than 20 years, UDA Technologies recognizes the universal importance of construction site safety. With new PPE regulations being enacted worldwide in 2020, safety compliance has taken top priority on all jobsites, and the introduction of ConstructionOnline’s Safety Logs couldn’t come at a better time.

The addition of safety-related documentation to ConstructionOnline has always been on the product roadmap, and with the increase in client demand in 2020, we embraced the opportunity to provide the solutions most needed on today’s construction sites. Daily Logging continues to be one of ConstructionOnline’s most popular features, and new Safety Logs are really a powerful addition.”

– Michael Stevens, President & CEO of UDA Technologies


New Safety Logs round out ConstructionOnline’s Daily Logging options, joining 8 other leading log types including – Work Logs, Equipment Logs, Material Logs, Project Notes, Observed Weather Logs, Visitor Logs, Delivery Logs, and Delay Logs. Expanded logging tools prove just one more way that ConstructionOnline comprehensively addresses the project management needs of every commercial, residential, and specialty contractors. 

UDA Technologies continues to be one of fastest growing providers of construction productivity software, currently serving more than 750,00 construction professionals across 75 countries worldwide with double-digit, industry-leading revenue growth year to year.

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