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Introducing the OnPoint™ Proposal Wizard for ConstructionOnline™

This week, UDA Technologies announced the release of the brand-new OnPoint™ Proposal Wizard for ConstructionOnline™. The new proposal wizard replaces ConstructionOnline’s existing Estimate Proposal generator and allows construction companies to create fully customized proposals with unlimited, on-the-fly style and content controls. The OnPoint™ Proposal Wizard also features a live, in-line document preview—giving professionals the power and flexibility to view their changes in real time.

Known for an extensive selection of financial reports, ConstructionOnline™ provides seven custom-built Estimating Proposals that are available for immediate use. Professionals can further customize their selected Estimate Proposal with the OnPoint™ Proposal Wizard. Estimate Proposal options include:

- Detailed Proposal: create a Proposal that includes Estimate Categories, Subcategories, Items, Client Selection Allowances, Markup, and more.

- Categories Only: create a simple Proposal that only shows Category Totals from the Project Estimate.

- Categories & Subcategories: create a Proposal that includes Categories and Subcategories from the Project Estimate.

- Subcategories & Items: create a Proposal that shows Estimate Subcategories and Item values.

- Items Only: create a Proposal that shows a list of Items from the Project Estimate.

- Categories & Items: create a Proposal that includes Categories and Items from the Project Estimate.

- Hide Estimate Table: create a Proposal that hides Estimate details and shows the Project Totals.

“We are thrilled to announce the new OnPoint Proposal Wizard for ConstructionOnline! At UDA Technologies, we aim to create innovative and modern software solutions engineered for the ultimate success of construction professionals. With the OnPoint Proposal Wizard, companies can easily generate detailed, comprehensive proposals to help win more bids and beat out the competition.”

- Michael Stevens, President & CEO of UDA Technologies

More than 850,000 construction professionals trust ConstructionOnline™ as the #1 solution for construction project management with industry-leading solutions for financial management, project tracking, document management, and more. To learn more about ConstructionOnline™, contact a UDA Product Specialist at 1-800-700-8321.

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