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Introducing UDA's TrueStar™ Database Engine, Exclusive to ConstructionOnline

UDA Technologies recently introduced the UDA TrueStar™ Database Engine, ConstructionOnline's powerful, proprietary database. The UDA TrueStar™ Engine powers ConstructionOnline with advanced health monitoring that delivers exceptional reliability, increased efficiency, and unparalleled performance. 

Developed exclusively for ConstructionOnline, TrueStar™ leverages the fastest processors in the cloud from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide maximum speed and responsiveness, while ensuring minimal downtime. With global Availability Zones and multiple redundant servers in place, TrueStar™ gives construction pros around the world peace of mind, knowing that all data is securely stored, immediately available, and durably designed to withstand any potential disaster. 

"UDA's TrueStar™ Engine is truly a remarkable innovation. More than just a database, TrueStar™ is the engine that powers ConstructionOnline™ to efficiently, effectively manage billions of dollars in construction every single day from anywhere in the world. TrueStar™ is unique to ConstructionOnline™ - making ConstructionOnline™ the most secure, reliable, and powerful construction project management software available."
- Michael Stevens, President & CEO of UDA Technologies

As the #1 rated construction management software for growing mid-market contractors worldwide, ConstructionOnline is trusted by more than 750,000 professionals in the management of over $80 billion in construction projects every day. TrueStar™ demonstrates UDA's commitment to providing the fastest, most reliable, and most secure construction project management solutions available on the web today. 

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