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Meet the New Industry Standard - ConstructionSuite™ 6

March 11, 2015

UDA Technologies is proud to announce the highly anticipated release of ConstructionSuite™ 6, the newest in the award-winning line of product management software. Shaped by feedback from hundreds of thousands of clients across North America and over 70 countries worldwide, ConstructionSuite™ 6 features enhanced integration between desktop, cloud and mobile devices, easy-to-read dashboards, work-in-progress reporting and unparalleled speed to deliver critical project information to the entire team.

The Power to Build

Bringing together industry-leading capabilities and innovations, the new ConstructionSuite™ is the most powerful and flexible desktop construction software on the market. Available in 20 different specialized versions, including Residential, Commercial and Green Building, ConstructionSuite™ 6 continues to define the industry standard in enterprise-quality project management and construction productivity software.

One Comprehensive Solution

New ConstructionSuite™ 6, ConstructionOnline™ and OnSite™ Mobile Apps integrate seamlessly. Top of the line features provide the power to build collaboration, with new interactions that keep clients and team members all on the same page and make project management more efficient than ever.

  • Clients are informed of project progress and provide valuable input through portals in ClientLink™
  • Team members are kept on track and on budget through TeamLink™
  • New and Improved Pro Apps-Punchlist Pro, Logging Pro and Calendar Pro
  • New Custom Company Apps-Personalized with your company's branding

Dashboards that Deliver

New integrated dashboards provide the power to build smarter, at-a-glance information for companies and projects. Overall financial standings are clearly visible through change order summaries, graphs and percentage cost breakdowns. Data is easily filtered to gain specific insights into what is coming down the lead pipeline and where funds are going as a whole.


Better Project Tracking

Consulting closely with leading industry consultants and trade organizations, work-in-progress accounting was developed with an emphasis on profitability. Twenty-six fields deliver the power to build better decisions through tracking allocations and spending, overhead costs and remaining budget. WIP accounting is a valuable tool that helps to improve business practices to contribute to more success through visible profitability and transparency earlier in the project cycle.

Mobile Management

Designed to keep teams fully connected, ConstructionOnline™ is the freedom to share plans, estimates, schedules, photos and more from anywhere, at any time. OnSite™ Mobile Apps strengthen project progress tracking, allowing everyone on the team from subcontractors to suppliers, and even clients to see exactly where projects stand. Additional Pro Features and Pro Apps take the incredible online construction management and elevate it to the next level.


Sync with SuiteLink™

Linking ConstructionSuite™ 6 and ConstructionOnline™, SuiteLink™ automatically syncs calendar events, ToDos, photos and documents, and provides the ability to upload schedules that are workable to ConstructionOnline™. Certain types of information from ConstructionSuite™ can be uploaded, like plans for subcontractors or progress photos for clients. Information can also be downloaded from ConstructionOnline™ to ConstructionSuite™ ensuring every tool is up to date.


Optimal Online Budget Integration

Estimates created in ConstructionSuite™ can now be uploaded as budgets to ConstructionOnline™, where transparency can be set to allow clients and team members to conveniently view the budget. Customizable categories and subcategories can be uploaded so there are no questions regarding how a project stands financially.


More Complete Calendars

In addition to a sleek, new updated look and cleaner interface, Calendars have been boosted to have significantly faster loading times. Calendars are more powerful than ever, providing the abilities to:


  • Multi-Select-Select multiple tasks in Calendar list view
  • Show timed events in Calendar month and week view
  • Drag events on Calendars in any of the grid views

Essential Lead Management

Track leads through every stage with the new pipeline in lead management. Easily keep track of where leads originate, who the sales contact is, level of quality and how promising they are. Set reminders to check back with them in crucial follow up sessions. Use dashboards to quickly and simply check the stages-predefined or customized-to see where leads fall and how likely they are to be successful.


Second to None

Featuring the best, most powerful, flexible QuickBooks integration, ConstructionSuite™ 6 is the best in the industry. Export entire estimates to QuickBooks, generate purchase orders and applications for payment, and pull information such as actuals to track whether a project is under or over budget. Enhanced QuickBooks integration in ConstructionSuite™ 6 is the key to more valuable and tangible information on profitability.


Surface Pro Power

ConstructionSuite™ 6 is the first ConstructionSuite™ to be certified for use on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet, offering full Windows capabilities. ConstructionSuite™ 6 operates just as smoothly on the Surface Pro 3 as it does on a desktop, with incredible functionality rooted in revamped features:


  • Menu navigation simplified through new top toolbar options
  • The ability to explore with pen, finger or stylus
  • Easier management with uniform icons
  • Designed for dynamic viewing and reorientations
  • Resized elements for optimal use
  • Rearranged tool bars deliver better views on a new platform

Amazingly Approachable

Every part of the new ConstructionSuite™ 6 is appealing, from its attractive updated design featuring a cleaner, simpler interface to the range of affordable options delivering the power to build better businesses on every level. The new ConstructionSuite™ 6 with its robust functionality is efficiency at its best, with all the quality and performance expected from UDA Technologies and more.


Better from the Ground Up

ConstructionSuite™ 6 has the power and speed to build a crucial head start to any project. With updated data grids and foundation technology, and speeds that set standards for the industry, ConstructionSuite™ 6 is engineered for success. President of UDA Technologies, Michael Stevens, had this to say: "ConstructionSuite™ 6 is the culmination of thousands of hours of development and team collaboration here at UDA, and we are very proud of the results. As always, our goal is to provide construction professionals with the power to build sales, build efficiently and build their businesses. This new release is a huge step in reaching that goal."

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