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New Capabilities Available for Popular ConstructionOnline™ Features

New capabilities added to popular ConstructionOnline™ features.

After releasing Spring 2022’s lineup of client-oriented development projects, UDA Technologies continues to showcase impressive company momentum with recent updates and enhancements to ConstructionOnline’s industry-leading tools for construction project management. New capabilities have been added to popular features such as Change Orders, To Dos, Messages, RFIs, and ClientLink™/TeamLink™ Project Portals.

Powerful new possibilities with ConstructionOnline™ 2022 include:

Preserve Information with Brand-New Drafts for RFIs

New drafts for RFIs create a more streamlined communication experience, automatically saving user-entered RFIs & replies prior to being sent. With drafts for RFIs, users can easily pick up where they last left off in any given correspondence with ease.

Efficiently Manage Tasks with Multi-Select Capabilities for To Dos

Multi-select capabilities are now available for To Dos at Company and Project levels, empowering users with efficient, bulk management options for key task actions. Users can edit, mark, or delete multiple To Dos at a time—saving valuable time and resources. 

Streamline Project Financials with Change Order Duplication

All construction professionals know effective management of Change Orders is critical to project profitability. With the new option to directly duplicate Change Orders on Company Projects, users can experience a faster, easier way to create & manage Change Orders. 

Personalize Project Portals with Customized Invitation Emails

Companies can now customize email messages included in Project Invitations delivered to ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ Contacts. With new Custom Project Invitations, Company Employees can personalize the Project experience from the very beginning by customizing the text that appears in project invitation emails. 

Effectively Manage Conversations with Multi-Select Capabilities for Messages 

Multi-select capabilities are now available for Messages at Company and Project levels, empowering users with efficient, bulk management options for actions like Adding Contacts or Archiving Conversations. When paired with the recent addition of Drafts for Messages, users can experience more effective and efficient project communication.

Improve Change Order Management with Unified Cost Data

Line Items from custom Company Costbooks can now be inserted as Line Items on Multi-Line Change Orders. By unifying system information and incorporating Line items from Company Costbooks into Itemized Change Orders, ConstructionOnline™ delivers improved alignment of Change Orders with estimates, accounting systems, and project data. 

More than 850,000 construction professionals trust ConstructionOnline™ as the #1 solution for construction project management with industry-leading solutions for financial management, project tracking, document management, and more. To learn more about ConstructionOnline™, contact a ConstructionOnline™ Product Specialist at 1-800-700-8321. 

RFI Tracking in ConstructionOnline™ is available for all subscriptions to ConstructionOnline™ Commercial versions, as well as subscriptions to ConstructionOnline™ Specialty & Subcontractor, AEC, and Industrial versions.

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