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New ConstructionOnline™ Features Arrive for Summer 2022

New ConstructionOnline™ Features Arrive for Summer 2022.

UDA Technologies continues to demonstrate impressive company momentum with recent updates and new additions to ConstructionOnline’s industry-leading tools for construction project management. Exciting new capabilities are now available for popular features such as Change Orders, ClientLink/TeamLink Project Portals, and Reports, while brand-new features have been added to TrueVision™ Business Intelligence—ConstructionOnline’s innovative business intelligence toolkit. 

Recent releases for ConstructionOnline™ 2022 include:

Powerful Project Health Insights for Individual Projects

TrueVision™ Business Intelligence now includes Project Health Insights for individual Projects. Project Health Insights can be accessed from the new Project Health tab, which delivers intelligent views of project progress & performance. The Project Health tab also offers focused feature widgets that break down the various components used to calculate the Project Score, including: Financials, Scheduling, Communication & Correspondence, Project Tracking, and Time Tracking. With Project Health Insights, project data is transformed to provide professionals with advanced insights and powerful company knowledge.

Dynamic ResourceTrack™ for TrueVision™ Scheduling

ResourceTrak™ leverages existing data from Project Schedules in ConstructionOnline to deliver actionable insights regarding every team member’s current workload, completion rates, task conflicts, and availability—all automatically compiled into dynamic dashboard views for easy reference and management. By enhancing visibility about where, when, and how individual resources are being allocated, new ResourceTrak™ works with ConstructionOnline’s powerful project management tools to ensure that projects are brought to completion in the most timely and profitable manner.

Customizable Access Options for Project Portals

Companies can further customize what project information is available via Portal login to clients & subcontractors. New controls have been added for ClientLink & TeamLink access to Client Selections, Daily Logs, and Change Orders. ClientLink and TeamLink Users can also now manage their own Profile Details within Profile Settings in the Portal. The addition of these options furthers the level of customized access construction companies are able to offer clients & subcontractors, and improves their experience by ensuring each user has access to the most relevant information for their specific build.

Default Settings for Change Order Markup

Companies can select default settings for Change Order Markup, which defines the markup calculation to be applied by default to Change Order Line Items—exclusively available for Detailed Change Orders. By providing new default settings for Change Order Markup, ConstructionOnline™ delivers improved alignment of Change Orders with estimates, accounting systems, and project data.

New Reports Added to ConstructionOnline’s Extensive Report Library

Brand-new reports have been added to ConstructionOnline’s impressive library of custom-branded construction project management reports. In addition to existing reports, construction professionals can now generate Call Log Summary Reports, Items by Takeoff Reports for Redline™ Takeoff, and Estimate Units Reports.

More than 850,000 construction professionals trust ConstructionOnline™ as the #1 solution for construction project management with industry-leading solutions for financial management, project tracking, document management, and more. To learn more about ConstructionOnline™, contact a ConstructionOnline™ Product Specialist at 1-800-700-8321.

TrueVision™ Business Intelligence is exclusively available for ConstructionOnline subscriptions at Business & Enterprise levels. Redline™ Takeoff is available for ConstructionOnline subscriptions at Team, Business, & Enterprise levels.

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