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New Enhancements to ConstructionOnline™ 2023 Accelerate System Performance

Speed improvements in COL

AUBURN, ALABAMA – As a major initiative for 2023, the ConstructionOnline Product Team has been diligently working to improve the speed and functionality of the award-winning construction management software. Recent updates to ConstructionOnline™ have delivered impressive results in system performance including: 

  • 2-3x faster load times for Items Database & Costbooks
  • 2x faster load times for Company Tax Settings 
  • 2-3x faster load times for all Financial Reports
  • 75% faster load times for Projects
  • Accelerated access to the Company Calendar with 75% faster load times
  • Increased efficiency of Call Log features through reduced service calls
  • 25-50% faster load times for Contact Lists

Over the past few years, ConstructionOnline’s user base has grown exponentially—now with nearly 1 million construction pros using the platform daily to manage larger & larger projects. This substantial growth means more and more data has been entered into the system. These recent system performance updates ensure that ConstructionOnline is able to handle large amounts of data with maximum speed & efficiency. 

In addition to these newest system performance updates, substantial upgrades were also recently made to ConstructionOnline’s proprietary database engine, the TrueStar™ Database. The TrueStar™ Database powers the #1 ranked construction management software by organizing and storing data with exceptional reliability and unparalleled performance. Recent upgrades to the TrueStar Database have produced benefits such as enhanced security management & data tracking, streamlined processing of concurrent complex requests, reduced buffering, and more!

“Every day, more and more professionals have been making the switch to ConstructionOnline™—resulting in heightened data workloads from our growing client demand. The newest performance upgrades we’ve engineered for ConstructionOnline ensure our clients will consistently experience fast, reliable results on their end. We are proud to continue providing better, smarter, faster, construction project management solutions in support of our clients’ success”.

- Michael Stevens, President & CEO of UDA Technologies

As a recognized leader in construction management software, UDA Technologies understands the importance and value of providing fast, accessible project management tools for its continuously expanding client base. To learn why nearly one million construction pros trust ConstructionOnline™ 2023 to add power, speed, and vision to their growing businesses, contact a UDA Product Specialist today at 1-800-700-8321.