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New for ConstructionOnline™ 2022: TrueVision™ Multi-Project Scheduling

New TrueVision™ Scheduling for ConstructionOnline™ 2022

The recent release of ConstructionOnline 2022 introduced new features & upgrades designed to propel global construction companies to the height of success. New TrueVision™ Scheduling is a component of the recently released TrueVision™ Business Intelligence toolkit, engineered to help construction teams achieve peak performance, productivity, and profitability.

TrueVision™ Scheduling provides a powerful, company-wide overview that displays all active Company schedules simultaneously. This dynamic view gives construction professionals a whole new level of visibility, providing access to multiple schedule details in a single view and utilizing the Gantt style many pros know and love. TrueVision™ Scheduling delivers intelligent insights concerning project progress, potential conflicts, and upcoming availability. With additional elements such as advanced Schedule Baseline Tracking and Cross-Project Predecessors, TrueVision™ Scheduling creates seamless, strategic schedule management. Unprecedented possibilities of TrueVision™ Scheduling include:

Visualize Project Progress with a Company-Wide Schedule View

Powerful capabilities of TrueVision™ Scheduling give professionals an all-in-one overview of every active company project’s schedule and how each project relates to one another. Using the company-wide schedule view, it becomes quick and easy to view start/end dates, schedule milestones, percent complete, and more. With the company-wide schedule view, pros can discover endless benefits of smart, strategic scheduling possible with ConstructionOnline™.

Connect and Conquer with Cross-Project Predecessors

Advanced multi-schedule linking options are available with TrueVision™ Scheduling. Brand-new Cross-Project Predecessors give pros the ability to set predecessor relationships between milestones in multiple schedules. Any delays or changes in parent schedules will automatically propagate changes downstream, reducing errors and miscommunication among team members.

Identify Schedule Slippage with Advanced Baseline Tracking

With TrueVision™ Scheduling, it becomes easy to identify schedule slippage ahead of time. View and compare one or more schedule baselines to determine exactly how far ahead or behind a current schedule is. Baseline bars are displayed in the schedule Gantt view for a convenient visual reference. For more details, click on a baseline to show additional information about schedule slippage. 

Available for all active company subscriptions, TrueVision™ Scheduling serves as the new & improved default view for the Company Scheduling Overview in ConstructionOnline™. Additional functions of TrueVision™ Scheduling, such as Cross-Project Predecessors, are only available with Business or Enterprise subscriptions.

To learn more about managing multiple Schedules with TrueVision™ Scheduling for ConstructionOnline™ 2022, contact UDA Technologies today at 1-800-700-8321.


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